How good are the odds for VfL Wolfsburg – SV Werder Bremen?

The current tendencies of the last impressions do not give rise to great hopes from a Bremen perspective. On the road Werder scored a narrow six points, so it is not necessarily a guarantee for points abroad. Added to this is the rising branch with the wolves. The bottom line is that we expect a home triple in the 1st Bundesliga forecast. In the risk betting tips section we find the best odds for home victory 1 with a 2.25 in the Bet3000 offer. The Bet3000 bonus we can also free play with it.

estimation: Bremen has it difficult at the moment, this will not change in Wolfsburg. We go the supposedly safe way with the victory 1 DNB and the odds of 1,60.

betting recommendations from the editorial staff

You want to place a bet on this game with low, medium or high risk? Then we have three suitable sports bets, the selection of which we also explain below.

The No Deposit Bonus in the quick check

Although the offers belong in the direction of “Free to Play”, the final sum is usually small. Only rarely are more than 10 Euros available for freebets. However, the positive is to be seen. With a 10 Euro stake on a quota of 10.00, the initial amount can be turned into 100 Euro very quickly. But which is the best betting provider for a betting bonus without deposit? We recommend a look at Sportingbet, Interwetten, Comeon, Bet-at-Home, and Bwin. There you can find regular free bets. Of course, it should also be mentioned that bookmakers regularly change their promotions.

bwin in the test Comeon in the test in the test

To ensure you get the No Deposit Bonus

  • Bonus comparison: Find out which bookmakers offer No Deposit Bonus in our betting bonus comparison: With just one click you can visit the bookie and his offer.
  • Register: Usually only a few details have to be entered and within a few minutes you are a customer: Depending on the bonus terms, not even a deposit is required.
  • Make a deposit: Is there a deposit for the free bet? Or is there a first deposit bonus offered in addition?
  • Place a free bet: Decide for fun for a risk bet or from a professional point of view for an analysed tip
  • Request payout: Did you win your bet and implement the bonus terms? Then nothing stands in the way of a money transfer back to your account.

Five questions on the No Deposit Bonus

For the No Deposit Bonus 2017 there are a few questions that should be answered here. But first of all, the translation. The word “Deposit” is to be translated with deposit or also pay in. The No Deposit Bonus is therefore a sports betting bonus without deposit. It differs from the VIP bonus mainly in the amount. For an existing customer bonus, it lacks permanence. Not infrequently, the free bet is most likely to belong to the new customer bonus sector, as it is available once only. Of course, there are also regular free bets.

1 What is a No Deposit Bonus?

As already explained several times, it is a betting bonus without deposit. But what does this mean exactly? Suppose you sign up with a bookmaker. In this case, a bet is directly available to you as a gift. A deposit is not necessary in this particular case. This is where the No Deposit Bonus differs from the free bet – at least to some extent. This is because the free bet is often only available if there is money to wager on the account. Because this is often deducted first and only refunded in the event of loss.

2. what to look out for in a sports betting bonus without deposit?

If the betting provider bonus actually does not require a deposit, there are only a few rules to follow. As a player, you should inquire in advance whether the bonus amount is only allowed for certain markets. In order to play through free bets with success, it is also worth taking a look at our betting tips. Alternatively, sports betting strategies should be used. It is also important that you take a look at the bonus rules. Time limits, a minimum odds or the play through of the winnings can be guidelines for a No Deposit bet.

3. What is the structure of a No Deposit Bonus Casino?

Actually, No Deposit Casino Bonus Codes are more common than sports betting. In the casinos, you are often after the initial registration free spins, so-called free spins, available. In the field of gaming, these are usually applied to selected slots. It is a “Welcome Offer”, that is, a welcome offer, the casino. A No Deposit Bonus Casino is of course convincing beyond the free entry offer, also with a deposit bonus. At best we speak of a No Deposit Bonus Casino German, so that in case of doubt, the support can be contacted. While at the No Deposit betting provider a free amount is available as a bet, a free amount in the No Deposit Casino must be achieved mostly through freespins.

4. What is the advantage of a No Deposit Bonus ?

In short: not having to deposit in it. It is a bookmaker that grants a free bet after registration. However, this procedure also has a disadvantage. Because the total amount of the free bet after registration is usually very small. As an extra bonus for sports betting online, the No Deposit bookmaker is a good choice. However, if you want to play successfully in the long term, choose a bookie with top odds and permanent existing customer bonuses. However, a No Deposit Bonus, good odds and an existing customer bonus are not mutually exclusive. Or to put it differently: A betting provider can combine these advantages.

5. at which betting provider is a bonus program available without a deposit?

It should be made clear in advance that this is only a snapshot. It is not uncommon for online bookmakers to change their range of promotions. Currently it is worth taking a look at Interwetten, where there is a mobile free bet. ComOn, Sportingbet, Bet-at-home and also offer a no deposit bonus. Furthermore, many players are interested in the Joker bet at Bwin. Although this does not work without a deposit, the capital will be refunded in the event of a loss. The following table gives a good overview of the betting provider Bonus.

AdvisorMax. BonusBonus conditions

Wagering conditions for the No Deposit Bonus: Free bets free play

You have found a No Deposit Bonus 2017? Of course, the joy is great, because after all, no deposit is necessary. But this does not necessarily mean that you can withdraw your winnings immediately after the successful bet. Sometimes the profit is still linked to bonus conditions.

This is, for example, a minimum odds, which may already be valid for the free bet. In this case no bet may be placed on a tip with low odds. A time limit means a restriction. You should definitely make a note of whether you have seven days or even a month for the implementation. Mark the day on the calendar and you will not miss your chance. Some bookmakers also demand that the winnings be converted. Suppose you have won 20 Euros with a 10 Euro No Deposit Bonus. In this case, this amount is exemplary to wager five times more. You would have to place sports bets worth the equivalent of 100 euros before any payout. Corresponding restrictions can be many and varied, so that a look at the general terms and conditions or bonus conditions is definitely worthwhile.

Is there really a reason to be allowed to bet for free? The advantages are obvious. If you want to play a risk tip, you are more likely to dare. And if you want a payout of the capital, all you have to do is meet the bonus conditions. In both cases, the special feature is immediately apparent: A deposit is not necessary!

Try it and see: What does the bookmaker have to offer?

If the account was created because of the No Deposit Bonus, you have the chance to put the bookmaker through his paces. It is of course the question whether the free bet can be placed in one go or whether the stake can be split between several free bets. In any case, it is a chance to get to know the betting offer.

  • Which sports are to be discovered?
  • How many single bets are available per event?
  • A betting tax will be deducted?
  • Are mobile phone bets possible?
  • Is the handling easy?

These and other questions deserve an answer. If the conclusion is positive, the user may remain an existing customer. A look at our vendor review also helps in the assessment of a bookmaker.

No deposit bonus: Free betting enables chances

The core argument with sports betting online with the free bet is however that no deposit is necessary. In a way, it is even the trademark of the No Deposit Bonus in contrast to the free bet, which may well require a topped-up account balance.

First of all, a sports betting comparison must be made. If the chosen provider has the best value in the odds comparison and the tip is suitable after careful analysis, then nothing stands in the way of a bet with the No Desposit Bonus. Sports betting strategies are often based on the comparison of the shape curves, a look at the direct comparison, as well as on the basic quality of the teams and their injury rate.

Generate trust: Check betting provider

If the bookmaker exclusively offers a No Deposit Bonus, this is a chance to check his trust. With a careful selection of sports betting tips it should be possible to generate a profit. If the balance is ready to be paid out, then this way should be chosen. Because if the betting provider pays out the amount without long waiting periods and queries on your part, the seriousness seems to be given. Of course, fraud can also be excluded by a valid EU license, prominent partners or a listing on a stock exchange.

Bonus pushing and a secure profit

Free bets are also considered the best betting bonus, because a profit with tactical calculation is 100% secure. All you need are two different bookmakers with a No Deposit Bonus. Because now the offers can be played off against each other. The best way to illustrate this strategy is a 2-way bet. If bookmaker A offers an odds of 2.00 for the Over 2.5 goals and Bookie B offers 2.00 for the Under 2.5 goals in the same game, you have to bet on both exits. Your balance will remain constant, but you will be playing with free money. While one betting provider’s balance drops to zero Euros, the other one is about to double it. In addition, the turnover conditions are to be fulfilled in this way.

Conclusion: Sports betting online with the No Deposit Bonus

First of all, the betting provider with the No Deposit Bonus must check whether a code is to be entered. Otherwise the procedure is simple. After registration a free bet is available. A deposit is not required in advance. The new customer can check the betting offer and at best make a profit. When making a payout, the seriousness of the bookie must be checked. In principle, however, the big names in the industry work very fairly. With the sports betting bonus without deposit you have the perfect start as a new customer at the bookmaker.