Sportingbet Tax Refund – Combined bets with three selections get the 5% back!

Since 2012, the new gambling law applies to load here. This means that a 5% tax has to be paid to the state for every betting transaction. For many bettors and bookmakers this law was a real shock. In the meantime, however, people have become accustomed to the betting tax and some betting providers are bringing the tax back to the betting account. With Sportingbet, one of the most experienced and most popular betting portals, Tipper receive with a combination bet with at least three selections the tax back on their account!

In order to be able to announce itself for the action, it requires naturally a Sportingbet account. If this account is available, you can find all relevant information on the bonus page of the bookmaker, in order to be able to make your combination bets with 5% more profit. We have also taken a closer look at the offer and want to show you how and when you will receive the weekly tax refund.

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From Monday to Sunday we collect

Every week a bettor of Sportingbet gets the chance to collect his taxes on combination bets with at least three selections. The betting provider will register any bet that meets the bonus requirements and is won in order to make a refund on the following Monday.

It is possible to collect from Monday 0:01 to Sunday 23:59. All won combination bets, which have at least three selections and where each tip reaches the minimum odds of 1.40 are registered in the system, so that Sportingbet collects the tax refund for you.

How many combination bets you place is entirely up to you. If you only bet one combination bet and win, the 5% tax is refunded in the same way as for 50 won betting slips.

Please note that the tax is calculated for the time being. So don’t be surprised that the Sportingbet bonus will only be credited afterwards. But you will get the profit from your combined bets immediately! The refund will then be made in one piece and on Monday before 15:00 you can find your refund on the betting account.

An example of how the betting tax is refunded

A example on Sportingbet’s website makes it easy to see how the refund works.

For example, if you place a combination bet with three selections and each tip has reached the minimum odds of 1.40, you will get a odds of 2.74. If you now bet 100 Euros on this combination bet, the amount would be 274 Euros if you won. Due to the betting tax, however, 5% is deducted, so that only 260.30 euros are credited to the betting account.

The tax of 13.70 euros is noted in the bookmaker’s system. As you have complied with all conditions, you will receive your refund the following Monday. If this tip was the only one of the week, you can enjoy a 13.70 Euro refund, which will be automatically transferred to your betting account.

Benefit from the terms and conditions of the bonus!

It is important for this bonus from Sportingbet that participating betting friends absolutely observe the terms and conditions of the bonus.

Both three selections on a combination must be available, as well as the minimum odds of 1.40 must be considered with each added tip.

If you consider these two characteristics of the bonus offer, you will have no problems to link your won bets with the tax refund.

This bonus is particularly attractive because the refund is credited to the betting account without any bonus conditions. Thus the received credit is immediately real money and can be paid out immediately after receipt.

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