In good shape: Will London stay tuned with a win over Southampton?

The Blues will go into their next game on Wednesday (January 2, 2019) at 20:45 at Stamford Bridge in London against FC Southampton of course as their clear favorite. This is partly due to the Saints’ position in the standings, but also to their current form. They recently beat ManCity 3-1, but Southampton were beaten West Ham 2-1. Now follows bankruptcy number three against FC Chelsea?

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Chelsea vs. Southampton in fast forward

  • Pairing: FC Chelsea – FC Southampton
  • Competition: Premier League 2018/19
  • Round: 21. matchday
  • Opening: Wednesday, 2. January 2019 at 20. January 2019 at 20.45am
  • Location: Stamford Bridge, London
  • Chelsea: 4th place, 43 points, 38:16 goals
  • Southampton: 17th place, 43 goals. 1st place, 15 points, 21:38 goals

Premier League betting tip prediction: Numbers games

  • strong: Chelsea lost only one of the last 7 games
  • power: At home in 20 games only 2 bankruptcies for the Blues
  • Interesting: In 6 of the last 7 games Southampton
  • crisis hit: The Saints won but only 2 of the last 18 games
  • Fix: 7 victories for Chelsea in the direct duel against the Saints

Premier League forecast: Form curve of the teams

Maurizio Sarri and his FC Chelsea are playing a serious role this season, even if the gap to the leader from Liverpool is already considerable. Nevertheless, Sarri can be really satisfied with his squad, especially in the last weeks. Four of the last five games have been won, with Leicester the only exception being an unlucky 0-1 failure. But then Chelsea presented on the road with a 2:1 against Watford and could then secure a threesome at 1:0 against Crystal Palace.

Hasenhüttl and the Saints with problems

Colleague coach Ralph Hasenhüttl is confronted with some other problems on the bench of FC Southampton. The Saints could only win two of their last 18 games and are therefore not surprisingly in the basement of the table. The analysis shows that FC Southampton are in 17th place with only 15 points. The Hasenhüttl side were able to rekindle a few hopes with two recent wins against Arsenal 3-2 and Huddersfield Town 3-1, but then they had little to laugh about in a 2-1 draw with West Ham and a 3-1 draw with City. But the Saints are reliable at least at the front, where at least one goal was scored in six of the last seven games – but that wasn’t enough as a rule.

Assessment: Chelsea are playing well at the moment, the Saints have a lot of problems. Ralph Hasenhüttl should therefore initiate a trend reversal as quickly as possible.

Statistical and direct comparison

The past duels against FC Southampton can be described as extremely goal-rich, especially from the point of view of FC Chelsea. The Blues, for example, scored eight times in the last three direct duels against the Saints, scoring only two goals. The home side also have an overall advantage in terms of goal ratio. FC Chelsea scored 138 goals in 83 games, while the Saints scored 108. With 246 goals, the game has an average of 2.96 goals, which can be described as very decent. And also in our betting tips hopefully a good indicator represents.

Lastly the Blues

Dominated the Blues

Clearly and clearly is to be stated with a view to the balance in our Premier League betting tip forecast that Chelsea has dominated this meeting in the last years. Seven times in a row the Blues won, the last victory of the Saints was in 2015. In total the Saints won 23 games in the 83 duels, the landlords of London won 39 games. According to Adam Riese, this leaves 21 games in which both teams shared points.

Evaluation: In the last few years Southampton was almost without a chance and could only win a duel against Chelsea since 2013.

Wett-Tipps today for FC Chelsea – FC Southampton

With a view to the last matches and performances in our Premier League forecast, there can only be one winner in this game: FC Chelsea. The hosts are in a really good mood, while the guests are almost nothing together. For this reason we recommend you in the area of safe betting tips in our Premier League forecast a bet on home victory 1, for which Interwetten with a 1.33 the best odds in sports betting comparison provides 1.33 Interwetten. In addition, Southampton is active offensively, which is why we expect an offensive game here. Converted to our betting tips today for this game this means that we also recommend a bet on the Over 2.5. With a 1.55 Betway provides in this case the best odds on the market.

How good are the odds for FC Chelsea – FC Southampton?

If you want to use our betting tips from professionals for recommendations with higher odds, you can take a look at the risk betting tips section. In this case we advise you to place a bet on Over 3.5, which was broken in three of the last five direct duels. The best odds for this bet are offered by bookmaker Betvictor, who provides a 2.45. The best odds for this bet are the 2.45. Of course you can use this odds to get the Betvictor bonus for your payout.

Evaluation: In a direct duel there should be goals in it. Chelsea is always strong offensively, but the Saints don’t hide either. That’s why we’re going to over 2.5 and the odds are 1.55.

Recommendations from the editors

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