State Treaty on Gaming: The ruling of the European Court of Justice has been reached

On 4 February 2016, the European Court of Justice announces its ruling in the case of the German Gaming Treaty. In the opinion of the European Court of Justice, this contract violates existing European law and is incompatible with it. It is now very high time for a correction and/or revision of the gambling contract in Germany. As the European Court of Justice decided yesterday, the German gambling contract failed and is not compatible with the right of the European union. In one of the most important core pieces, the range of the sport bets, the core problem exists, which led in the long run to the failure. The concession procedure for sports betting, which has been going on for years, has finally lapsed with the decision of the European Court of Justice. It can be assumed that the ruling will not only have an impact on the sports betting sector. Also other ranges of the gambling as well as the regulations for the commercial automat play in the individual Lands of the Federal Republic can count on far-reaching effects.

The entire set of rules must be examined

“The judgement releases a Domino effect, which leads to the fact that also the other regulations of the gambling Interstate Treaty come to the wavering and will tilt even completely , this opinion is George plug, executive committee speaker of the roof federation the German automat economy e.V. If such an important partial range breaks as the sport bet from the set of rules, which according to the judgement of the European Court of Justice is the case, usually the entire set of rules must be put to the test, in order to determine whether in further ranges new legal rules are needed.

It is indisputable that the gambling state treaty in Germany builds on the balance of the set of rules for all ranges of the national and commercial play with and around money. For this reason, the Deutsche Automatengewerkschaft (German ATM Union) is calling for a fundamental reform that will bring about qualitative improvements. For Stecker in the way of an “urgently needed course correction given […] which no longer relies on quantitative supply limitations but on the improvement of quality in all gaming offers.”

The German Automatenwirtschaft starts a quality offensive

With the quality offensive, which was started by the German Automatenwirtschaft, is to be set above all on an active player protection. By the globalization of the play offers over Internet, each attempt to channel the play behavior of the citizens/inside over a bare quantitative restriction of the stationary offers is counteracted. Meanwhile already more than thousand gambling hall enterprises participate in the procedure and submit themselves to a strict certifying by independent TÜV organizations. “We want quality to prevail. Therefore we see the judgement of the European Court of Justice as clear reference to the necessity of a fundamental reform of the luck and profit play right in Germany, which sets on quality and not on legally untenable cuts and restrictions, which threaten our industry existenziell ?