Sports betting tools: Everyone should use these little helpers!

An absolute must for every correct sports weather are the so-called sports betting tools, with which one can not only go in search of bets much better, but also increase the profit in the long run. In this article we will now list the most important tools that need to be used. However, keep in mind that the normal statistics and your own experience can also be a good help.

Sports betting tools in brief overview:

    • – betting odds comparison of over 20 betting providers, experience reports, betting tips – statistics tool, which is especially suitable for international soccer leagues.

  • – list of the 1st Bundesliga teams and news about soccer.
  • – sports betting tips, live scores, rankings tables.
  • betting – Betting calculator for tennis bets, 1X2 bets, system bets, combination bets, lay bets, arbitrage bets and value bets.
  • – tables, results and statistics of over 150 football and ice hockey leagues.

What do betting calculators, streams, livescores and rankings do for me?/Of course, it is not only important to know where exactly I can find all these sports betting tools, but also what they bring me at all.

Basically, you can answer this question with just one word: Information.

The more information you have about a team, the more accurate your own assessment is possible. Livescores are mostly used to keep track of the current games. A betting calculator, on the other hand, should show whether different providers currently allow surybets or whether I have correctly recognized a value bet.

Rankings, tables and statistics, on the other hand, give me an idea of what the various teams have achieved in past matches. How many goals have been scored on average? Is the team strong away or also at home? How did the last match of the two go out and where exactly is the team in the table?

Also providers now offer different tools to help you better estimate bets, such as the statistics of the competitions.