Unibet – Betting Championship In Brazil

Brazil does not calm down from a sporting point of view. After the 2014 World Sugar Loaf Championship, two important events are scheduled for 2016. The Leichtathleten organize the olympic plays, the bet offerer Unibet its Wettmeisterschaft.

Zu Unibet

Wetten platzieren und Preise abräumen werden werden die Gewinne hier anhand eines Leaderboards, because finally only a customer can become actual Wettmeister in Brazil. Decisive for the placements are the betting fees on the Olympic Games. Here the stake is multiplied by the number of events on the betting slip and the total odds of the betting slip. Exactly this result then determines the points collected.

Up to 22 August it is called then points collect, because the future title holder may be pleased about Free Bonus Money in the value of 3,000 euros. Second, third and fourth place still collect 1,500, 800 and 500 euros respectively. Altogether Unibet rewards however the best 100 players with this action, so that even in the worst case still a bonus amount of ten euro can be taken along.

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