bet bonus offers – these types of free credit are available

The most popular form of advantage is the welcome bonus. As a betting customer you receive a reward for the registration or for the first deposit a sports bet deposit bonus. With a little luck, this bonus payment can quickly amount to 100 percent of the first deposit, whereby the maximum bonus is usually capped at 100 euros. But now bookmakers also offer other and sometimes higher bonus offers.

This includes, for example, the so-called freebets. Here it is possible for you – as the name already suggests – to place a bet completely free of charge. In some cases, so-called risk-free bets are also offered, where you still get your stake back in the event of defeat. The bet bonus comparison of gives an overview of all forms of bonus offers.

Rating criteria in our betting provider Bonus

How does our bet bonus comparison work? In our search for the best betting bonus, we at naturally first asked ourselves what are the decisive criteria for evaluation at all. While the average wagerer will mostly pay attention to the amount of the bonus payment, other important aspects will be highlighted in the tests. Not only the amount of the betting bonus is important, but also the related bonus conditions. This includes the conditions under which the bonus is to be redeemed.

Furthermore you have to find out what the maximum bonus value is and what type of bonus it is. The fact is that not every sports bet bonus can be rated the same. Sometimes there are quite hard conditions on the part of the bookmaker for redeeming the bonuses. These include, for example, requirements to the effect that the betting bonus must first be used several times with a high odds (e.g. over 2.00) before it can be paid out. In order to be able to compare the bet bonus fairly, you must of course consider the various bonus conditions and do not rely solely on the amount of the bet bonus when comparing sports betting bonuses. What should you keep in mind when comparing betting bonuses?

Additional individual criteria

The sports betting bonus comparison also includes apparently unimportant criteria such as customer service. If necessary, you will be happy if the customer service is always available via e-mail or live chat and at best via telephone. After the attractive sports bet bonus is bet, you should also consider if the offered odds are really attractive or if you don’t want to return to your regular bookmaker. You should also consider to what extent the bonus amount is really important in the individual case. So it is an individual decision whether you decide for the more attractive betting bonus or for the experienced provider with the better odds from the odds comparison. Also the bonus turnover conditions are not to be ignored. Here each provider offers different possibilities. The Betway bonus conditions, for example, are simple and easy to understand. Other providers, however, have sales conditions which can hardly be fulfilled.

5 Questions and answers about the sports bet bonus:

1. What forms of sports bet bonuses are there?

Besides the well-known welcome bonus, there are of course other forms of betting bonus. In addition to the free bet also so-called risk-free bets count, where it returns the bet with wrong tip. The Reload Bonus is a special form of a betting provider bonus. It is only available for existing customers and is a reward for loyalty to the bookmaker.

2. How high is the sports bet bonus?

That is not to be answered in general. The amount of the bonus payment depends on the respective provider. However, users are often granted a bonus of 100 percent (maximum 100 euros) on the first deposit. Who pays thus 100 euro, receives again 100 euro as Wettbonus of the bookmaker. For closer information a view is worthwhile itself into our Wettbonus comparison further above on this side.

3. What gives it for bonus conditions?

Also this question cannot be answered concretely, whereby naturally no offerer will permit the direct payment of the Wettbonus on the bank account. The betting bonus can only be used several times on sports bets before it can be paid out. This is usually always possible with a mobile betting app. The Betvictor bonus conditions are a good example to inform yourself about the payout conditions.

4. Who grants the betting bonus?

All major bookmakers offer a betting bonus. The height of the bonus payment differs thereby naturally from offerer to offerer. A sport bet bonus comparison offers itself therefore optimally, in order to find the best Wettbonus.

5. why pay bet offerers at all a Wettbonus?

Ganz simply: In order to recruit new customers, who remain faithful at best durably to the bookmaker.

So you excite the Wettbonus comparison perfectly from

A particularly attractive greeting made themselves the bookmakers for all new customers in form of the Wettbonus the rule. And we from have integrated a particularly effective tool for our readers. With the Bettbonus comparison it is child’s play to let you calculate fast and comfortably your possible bonus. You will learn how to do this in the following steps. Thus the start as a new customer with a betting provider is guaranteed. Our sports bet bonus comparison already lists in its overview a lot of information, but offers in depth a wealth of facts, tutorials and betting tips for the free play of the bet bonus.

1. Placement: The bookmakers with the best bet bonus

In the first two columns of our bet bonus comparison you will find the logos of the bookmakers and their placements. These are based on our detailed betting provider test and the category betting bonus analyzed there. If you’d like to take a quick look at all the experiences our editorial team has had with the respective sports betting provider, you can do so comfortably by clicking on the link under the logo: Bookmaker Experiences. If you want to get an overview first, we recommend our betting provider comparison.

2. bonus: What is the maximum bonus amount?

Almost every bookmaker has a new customer bonus in his repertoire. Only the amount of this bonus varies significantly. In the third column of our Bettbonus comparison you will find at a glance which bookie offers the highest sports bet bonus. In addition, we have listed the most important features of the bonus as additional information. The amount of the maximum bonus amount depends in most cases on the amount of the first deposit – which brings us to the most important element of this powerful tool.

3. Calculation: How much bonus money do I get credited?

In the middle section you can find in the bet bonus comparison of our bonus calculator. It is the heart of this page. By default, the maximum value of the first deposit is already entered here, so that you get calculated how high the bonus amount is in this case, which you receive with a new registration and corresponding first deposit to your customer account. Who pays for example with Sportingbet 150€ gets credited with the 100% Sportingbet Bettbonus in addition 150€.

Please note: Of course you can also make much more money with your first deposit. Only a higher bonus amount will not be credited to your account.

However, not everyone wants to collect the full bonus amount. Maybe simply because he is financially limited and wants to make a smaller amount at the first deposit or just can. No problem! You can correct the amount accordingly. Our bonus calculator will then spit out live the amount you receive as bonus and in the sum your entire starting capital, i.e. the betting credit, after the registration with the respective bookmaker.

4. Rules: The bonus conditions of the bookmaker

Directly under the formula, which calculates you depending upon height of the first deposit your bet credit, you find a left: Bonus Info. It is already enough to move the mouse pointer over it. Then a pop-up will open. There you can read the most important facts, what to do, so that the bonus money becomes cash, which you can be paid out later as a profit. Before this can happen, various bonus conditions have to be fulfilled.

For all those who don’t want to be informed quickly, a click on the link Bonus Info will take you directly to a detailed test. Here our experienced sports bet editors report about strengths and if necessary also about weaknesses with this bet bonus. We’ll tell you about mistakes to avoid and have even integrated a helpful video tutorial so that you can unlock your bonus skillfully and safely.

5. Redeem: If you have decided on a bonus in our bet bonus comparison, have your bet credit calculated, you are only one click away from the new customer bonus. On the far right you can use the button Redeem Bonus to register directly with the bookmaker – and sometimes you can also profit from our promotions, in which we add an additional bonus voucher. So: What are you waiting for?

The bonus comparison explained by two examples

In our sports betting bonus test we have listed over 100 providers and their bonuses clearly. A deeper look is always worthwhile here. If you take all offers with you, you will have great capital at your disposal free of charge. However, you almost always have to make a deposit to get a bet bonus. Exceptions are bookmakers like Sportingbet, who also grant a sports bet bonus without deposit.

In our Bettbonus Test you have the possibility to filter for live bets, betting tax, chat or phone support, as well as free live streams. Further filter options are a German homepage, sports betting bonus PayPal, free deposit and withdrawal, as well as the German license from Schleswig-Holstein. Not even the odds comparison has to be done by yourself. If you antick “above-average odds”, an appropriate listing takes place.

Anhand these features already indicate that we at have the following claim: We want to be regarded as the best betting bonus comparison on the World Wide Web. In order to do justice to this request, we go in the following with three bookmakers and their sport bet offerers bonus more near in the detail.

Betway: With exclusive bonus height into new spheres immerse

Betway laced for us of an exclusive offer, which climbed in things height the point. What is not offered is a betting provider bonus without deposit. But two transfers have the advantage to be provided with a bonus. The total amount, which each player can additionally receive, is 250 Euro.

But in turn: The betting provider pays 100% to 150 Euros for the first transaction. The second transfer receives the same percentage, but is capped at 100 Euros. The necessary minimum deposit amounts to 10 euro. In addition for each new customer thereby an offer of 250 euro is available.

Of course restrictions have to be considered with Betway as well. First, the second bonus amount is only available when the first round is at least 80 percent used. The capital must be played through six times if a minimum quota of 1.75 is observed. The play-through rule increases to x48 if the odds are between 1.30 and 1.74. The minimum odds are 1.75. The same default exists for Betway Casino.

Both deposits added together you have an additional 250 Euro, so 500 Euro in total at your disposal. The welcome bonuses must now be wagered six times before a withdrawal can be made. With this large sum it is nevertheless probable to leave the bookmaker with a profit.

Interwetten: Another top provider in the bet bonus comparison

Interwetten has opted for the classic: The provider prefers the first deposit with a doubling. If you deposit 100 Euro, you get 200 Euro credited. If you look at the table above, the betting bonus comparison, you will find many offers that are exactly the same. The differences are in the details.

An exclusive betting bonus without deposit is available if you sign up via The 10 Euro betting coupon can be redeemed with the coupon code “VipBonus”. This will increase the amount of money by an additional 10 Euro and thus at best by another 10 percent.

The new customer bonus is only valid for Interwetten if a deposit is made within the first ten days after registration. Your advantage: You can distribute the Interwetten bonus on several deposits. However, the maximum value of 100 Euro is fixed. If you pay in four times 25 Euro within ten days, you will also get your 100 Euro bonus on top.

For sports bets the amount has to be converted fivefold. A minimum quota of 1.70 is required by the bookmaker. To collect the full bonus amount, you have to complete five steps. Each step brings you an additional capital of 20 euros. For sports bets, 100 Euro must be converted in each case to receive a further 20 Euro free of charge. Here it concerns however not a No Deposit bonus sport bets, but around the conventional entrance offer.

Alternatives to the Classic Deposit Bonus

The First Deposit Bonus is a nice gift. Just beginners can use it to test their own sports betting strategies. We have gone into detail on the betting bonus in every article, for example on the sports betting bonus Tipico. Competent providers such as Moplay and William Hill are of course also mentioned. But we want to look beyond the end of our nose. What do the bookmakers have to offer in addition to the welcome offer?

  • Free bets: A sports bet bonus without deposit 2019 is a bet that is usually available to you directly after the deposit. In the small equivalent value of 5 to 10 euro these offers take place with some bookmakers, like for example Betano.
  • Order level: Here it concerns a Sportwetten bonus existing customers. Because high odds are a constant advantage, which is reflected in every bet.
  • Kombibonus: Combinations are chance and risk at the same time. While the potential profit skyrockets, the probability of a payout drops. Tipico and many other providers offer a combination bonus, which should always be enjoyed with caution. Smaller combinations can nevertheless pay off.

An aspect is by no means negligible. We try to keep the Bettbonus test as up-to-date and clear as possible. Nevertheless a bonus offer from the year 2019 can be different than the sports betting bonus 2016. In other words: sports betting providers regularly review their offers.

Consult: With the sports betting bonus comparison free play

Betting providers with bonus exist in large numbers. And it is quite desired that the bonus offers are taken up. A bad conscience is out of place with online bonus sports betting. Have a look at our table above, which we update once a month and use the rich bonuses. Who is the best sports betting provider in the field of additional compensation? At this point we would like to emphasize again that we don’t just take the sum as a factor. The bonus conditions are also important. In our opinion, the best sports betting bonus can only be called a bonus if it enables its customers to pay out.

Where the bonus amounts are almost always regulated in the type of conversion, the quota amount and the time available, the bet can usually be placed anywhere: Whether you choose the Bundesliga, the Premier League or smaller countries like Australia, Japan or Paraguay is up to you. It doesn’t have to be football, of course. Basketball, ice hockey or tennis, where favorite victories are more likely, are also an option.

In addition to the general bonus level, you also have to pay attention to the level of odds. Various providers also offer regular benefits, such as a combination bonus (Tipico), tax-free Friday (Mybet) or 0:0 insurance. To announce itself with several bookmakers is meaningful therefore not only from view of the Ersteinzahlungsbonus, but likewise because of the inventory customers advantages.

Immerhin we could drive up in the bet bonus comparison over 100 offerers, who offer in each case a bonus. If we proceed from an average of 100 euro bonus per bet offerer, we would come on a high low five-digit amount, which is available to you as a customer – however not without own deposit.