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Before we turn to the betting tips for the game today, let’s look at the details. The underclass club has home rights in the cup match. The BFC will stay in its home town, but can move to the Olympic Stadium there. So more spectators can watch the spectacle in Berlin, which also makes the box office ring. The kick-off is on Sunday, 19 August 2018, at 15.30 hrs. This is the 1st cup round. Will the Berliners get a big surprise or will the result follow on seamlessly from the last three league games (only defeats)? In our sports betting comparison we would like to break down the best betting tips.

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BFC Dynamo vs. 1. FC Köln in a quick run

  • Pairing: BFC Dynamo – 1. Place, 3 points, 3:1 goals

DFB-Pokal Betting tip Prediction: Number games

  • 11 goals against: Did the BFC in the first four games have to accept
  • 4 goals: Achieved Dynamo; Cologne scored three goals in two games
  • Remerge: The Cologne team makes no secret of their goal for the season
  • Miss start: With 3 points from four games, the BFC is only in 16th place
  • No comparison: BFC Dynamo and the 1st place in the BFC Cup. FC Cologne play for the first time against each other

DFB-Pokal forecast: Form curve of the teams

We create our DFB-Pokal forecast, in order to be able to give as safe betting tips as possible. Traditionally we start with the home team for this analysis. However, the BFC Dynamo is not really in a good mood. Only two of the last seven games could be won. The remaining five games were lost. In terms of league operations in the Northeast Regional League, the most recent results were one win and three defeats. But now we want to look not only at the trends, but also at the opponents.

Still in the last season the players of the BFC lost against Fürstenwalde with 2:4. A first test game in preparation for the current season ended with a 2:1 victory over Brandenburg. Afterwards, however, there was a setback. Because with 1:2 was lost against Carl-Zeiss Jena. Afterwards the regional league will start its league operations. At first everything went according to plan. With 4:1 they won over Auerbach. Afterwards, however, everything went wrong. With 0:2 a bankruptcy in Chemnitz followed. Furthermore there was a 0:5 against Halberstadt. And finally, the team lost 0:3 against the Berlin AK.

So the Cologne team sold out!

To bet on the BFC Dynamo is one of the risky betting tips so far. But what has the 1st FC Cologne organized in the past weeks? If we focus only on the results, things look good with three wins, three draws and one defeat. But it’s not just a win, draw or defeat that has to be considered. To round off the picture, we would like to take a look at the results and the opponents. First of all, we can tell you that the Cologne team did not make it easy for themselves.

First of all, a 5:2 victory over Eichstätt is on the cards. After that they had the only bankruptcy to guest at Bonn with 0:1, followed by two draws. First a test match in Wuppertal ended with 2:2. After that it was enough to win against the English team of FC Watford 1:1. And in the home game against SV Werder Bremen there was a 1:0 victory. Afterwards the 2nd Bundesliga starts with a 2-0 guest appearance at VfL Bochum. The final game on Monday was against 1 FC Union Berlin. After a 1:0 lead, the 1:1 had to be accepted.

Evaluation: Cologne showed a better performance, in a stronger league, against more qualitative opponents. Not only at first glance the BFC is at a disadvantage here.

Statistical and direct comparison

We cannot make a direct comparison due to a lack of matches. Therefore we look back on the last season. Of course, the Cologners don’t come off well here, because after all the billy goats have relegated. In 34 games they only got 22 points and with 35:70 goals they rightfully left the Bundesliga. But even in this epidemic season there were rays of hope. Last year, BFC Dynamo took fourth place in the regional league and thus also qualified for the trophy. 54 points and a scoring record of 70:50 is quite impressive. This also shows, as in the current season, the strength in the offense and the weakness in the defense.

Where is the barn door wide open?

In fact, it is the regional list, which has already had to put up with one or two packs. We would like to look back on the league games so far. The results are as follows: 4:1, 0:2, 0:5 and 0:3. 15 impressive goals were scored in four games. Eleven times it has struck at the BFC. And the Cologne team? Here we discover a 2:0 and a 1:1. Exactly two goals have been scored in each case. Especially the offensive has already proven its qualities. Therefore, it can be assumed that against Dynamo is more often eingeetzt.

Appraisal: Cologne may well calculate chances for several goals. After all, BFC Dynamo in the league, in four games, has already caught eleven goals against.

betting tips today for BFC Dynamo – 1. FC Köln

We are not very keen on taking risks. Because in our DFB-Cup forecast we are betting on an away win for 1 FC Köln. Our betting tips from professionals do not allow for any other result. The BFC got off to a bad start in the season and the Cologners know an incredible quality in their ranks. Since the first cup round takes place on the weekend, there is not even reason to spare players. We therefore also consider the handicap victory to be extremely realistic. Finally, however, it is not impossible that the Berliners will score a goal. And finally, a risk betting tip can be formed from this.

How good are the odds for BFC Dynamo – 1. FC Köln?

The away win seems to take hardly any away from the Cologners. And yet we get at Interwetten a rate of 1.27 for this tip. Therefore, we increase cheerful courage and take the 2 handicap 1-0 still with us. Here the betting quota rises to 1.65. For this we look at the bookmaker Bet3000. Finally, we suggest a split bet, which is even suitable for the Betway Bonus. It is the Both2Score tip in connection with the away win. For this we get a 2.75 as a quote.

Evaluation: With the current performance of the clubs we consider the recommendation for the 2 handicap 1:0 to be justified. Bet3000 offers a 1.65.


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