The horse racing odds will surprise you

You can make good money betting on horse races. However, the horse racing odds differ in detail a bit from the odds of normal sports betting. In this article we will explain the differences and the similarities. It always surprises us a little that both galloping and trotting are not very important in sports betting. However, until a few years ago, they were the only options you had to make money betting on sports. The Internet has changed a lot. Both sports are facing many problems in Germany. But internationally there are races somewhere every day of the year. So you can win a lot of money. Betting odds finder from

h2How do the horse racing odds differ?

gallop odds and trot odds mean the same thing. It is about horse racing odds. They are called gallop races and trotting races. To make it simple, you can recognize the latter sport by the chariot the horses pull. These are called sulky. But basically it is the gait that is meant and the trotters are a different breed of horse than the gallopers, which are actually called thoroughbreds. As far as the odds are concerned, you must not dare to make a direct comparison with a sport such as football. It is true that even with the horses, there is the possibility that well before the start of a race, a quota is assigned to each of the starters. You bet on them and if you are successful you will get the profit booked. This is then called a fixed course. Usually it is more like live betting. The numbers change on short notice. The principle is the same regarding the estimation. A horse that brings in low odds is one of the favourites. The higher the odds, the bigger the outsider role. Read our Racebets experience where can I get the best horse racing odds? There are a number of specialists. These concentrate exclusively on gallop and trotting races and do not offer any other sport. In addition, horse racing is also part of the programme, at least in a group of normal sports betting providers. However, it is not quite as extensive and more focused on England than on Germany. In terms of odds, there are differences, the keyword is fixed rates and is described elsewhere in this article. Apart from these figures, the odds are the same for each bookmaker, for each type of bet – and this worldwide.

horse race betting: Betting on gallop races

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horse racing Betting on gallop races refers to the sport that is held on most racecourses. The horse racing odds are surprisingly good. You must know that there are events taking place all over the world. In many countries, here France and England can be mentioned from Europe, otherwise Australia and the USA, the fast horses gallop every single day of the year. This means that you can basically bet on the different races for 24 hours, some of which are decided in parallel. In Germany they are held all year round, but of course more often in summer than in winter. There are over 20 tracks in this country. The most important day is Sunday, but during the week there are also races. Betting tips will help you. With them you can better estimate the horse racing odds.

horse racing betting: Betting on trotting races/h3

The term horse racing betting can alternatively refer to trotting races. Horse racing betting odds can be very high even in this sport. You can recognize it by the fact that the horses trot. Mostly they pull carts, the so-called sulkies. But there are also races with riders. These are called monte, which translated into German means saddle trotting. This sport exists worldwide. Although the gallop races are more widespread, you can bet on Australian races and American races in the trotting races as well, so you can have fun at any time of the day or night. Most of the competitions take place on the European continent in France and in Sweden. There is hardly a day of the year when there is not an event here. In Germany this sport is in crisis. On more than ten tracks there are events here all year round, but often not only on weekends.

How you can tell if the bookmaker of your choice is serious

There are many betting providers on the internet. Some of them are specialized in horse races, others have them as part of their program. The seriousness of the bookmaker of your choice is undoubtedly determined by the same factors. Consider the tradition, look at the general reputation. We shed light on this in various sections on our site. If the license comes from Europe, this is to be seen as an advantage. If payments via PayPal are possible, the bookmaker has been thoroughly checked. Objectively considered, however, there is a peculiarity. Betting on horses has always been legal. This means that German bookmakers who have this title officially have permission to accept these bets. They don’t need a licence from Malta, for example. Most of these bookmakers have shops in different cities. In our sections Sports Betting Comparison, Betting Provider Comparison, Betting Bonus Comparison, eSports Comparison and Casino Comparison, the focus is kept general and not on bookmakers specializing in horse betting, so we wanted to emphasize this special feature at this point.

Keyword German bookmakers

horse race betting odds you can get at some German bookmakers. We can’t give you all the names at this point. Some are not available on the internet anyway or not under their own company name. As indicated, it is allowed to accept bets on horses without a special license. The restriction is that it must be an official bookmaker. So basically he has acquired a license after all. However, this is not comparable to the licences issued to sports betting providers in Malta, for example. Nevertheless, you will often read about the licence from Malta in the horse betting offers on the Internet. Some market leaders for horse betting even have their official headquarters there. This has tax reasons. Only horse races are offered on the respective websites. If there is an additional offer, it will be handled separately. You should not underestimate the horse racing bets in sports betting strategies. Maybe there are even special deals.

horse racing bets: Betting on the totalizator

horse racing totalizator odds: What does that mean? It is about horse racing odds, which are placed directly on the German racetracks or forwarded to them. The Totalisator is the place where all bets on a race come together. If you observe the odds, you will notice changes. The winning odds are displayed. The lower the value, the bigger the favourites. By observing the numbers, you will notice that the role of the favorites can change. If you bet more on a horse, the odds will decrease and those of the other race participants will increase. Later on you will calculate how much money is available for the different types of bets. Which types of bets on horses are possible is presented below. So this is a little bit different than for example the Handball odds, Tennis odds, NBA odds and Football odds. Important in this context is the subject of betting tax. For bets in the totalizer this is not due.

horse racing betting odds with fixed prices

In this section it is about the horse racing fixed price odds. Only with these is it worthwhile to compare odds if you want to bet on gallop or trotting races. These are horse racing odds set by the bookmakers. They do not change as described above with increased bets on the weather. As with a normal sports bet, you will be shown that you will receive sum X as odds for a stake. This is usually calculated for 1 €. You click on the odds, make your bet and you will be shown how much money you will be paid out if you are successful. The number of options for bets is less than for normal bets on galloping or trotting races. What we mean by this is explained below as indicated.

Various betting options H2PThe horse racing odds are different depending on the betting option. Winning means: The horse you have bet on must win. Place means: The horse you bet must finish first, second or third. Place twin means: You bet at least two horses that must finish first/ second, first/ third or second/ third. The term “two horse betting” means: The betted horses must be first and second. It is similar with a triple bet: the horses you bet must be first, second and third. And then there is the four bet, which is not part of the standard program: The horses you bet on must be first, second, third and fourth. Place twins, twos, threes and fours bets are suitable for combinations where bets are placed on a larger number of horses. Bookmakers often offer more options for betting than those described here. Stakes are possible from 1 Euro, with the four bets from 50 Cent. The upper limit is open.

different horse racing betting odds

how come there are different horse racing odds? If you bet on place, it is easier to be successful than if you bet on win. The probability that the horse you have bet on will be first, second or third is higher than that it will win. So there is less money. It is more challenging if you predict a specific order. This explains why you are more likely to be rewarded in a trifecta than if you only bet on victory. In the end, as already described, it depends on the number of bets in a race that are offset against each other. If you are the only successful bettor, you will be paid over 90% of the stake. If you have won more bets, the amount will be split up and you will receive significantly less.

betting on horses via Smartphone and Tablet PC

You can place mobile bets on the fast horses. A best betting provider offers you this option. A best sports betting provider will do the same. Here too, there are the well-known differences between a mobile website and an app. The former you open via the browser and enter the normal address of the bookmaker of your choice. In an optimized version, the normal website presents itself to you with the entire program and the current odds. Apps are specially designed. The two most common operating systems are Android and iOS. The latter is used on Apple devices. You can find the Android apps with a data package on the website of the respective provider. The official stores do not offer apps that allow you to bet or play with real money. This is no problem with apps for the iPhone or iPad. You can find them in the store and install them with one click. The horse racing odds are of course identical.

We give a conclusion on the horse racing odds

If you have not yet dealt with horse racing, it is time. You will be amazed at the possibilities you have. Especially concerning the odds. We even think that you can win much more money with this sport than if you would concentrate only on soccer. Of course you have to find the right sporting events and make good decisions. And a little bit of luck is also part of it. We don’t quite understand why gallop and trotting races are not so much in focus in Germany. In other countries it is different. By the way: A bonus for new customers is also possible for horse betting, usually for the first deposit. The procedure is the same as for sports betting (the Betway Bonus Code is an example that we can mention here). The betting providers and bookmakers offer different promotions. Too bad that the horse racing bets in the sports news hardly play a role.

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