Mobile sports betting at 10Bet with the 10Bet App

A good offer for sports betting nowadays includes mobile access. After all, we live in a world of smartphones and tablets. Betting should be possible from anywhere. That’s why there is the 10Bet App. But it’s not a small program that you can install on your mobile device. No download is required and the operating system doesn’t matter. You open the page of 10Bet via your browser and an optimized version of the 10Bet website presents itself to you. This is all called 10Bet mobile. You can’t count on a special 10Bet app for Android or iPhone. We’ll explain why this isn’t so bad in this article.

The 10bet app in detail:

  • Web app for all operating systems
  • familiar functionality
  • large selection of single bets
  • easy to use

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How do I use a 10Bet app?

The 10Bet app you simply use for mobile betting. Wherever you are, your smartphone usually gives you access to the Internet. This is of course a basic requirement for mobile sports betting. If you are a 10Bet customer, you go to the website and place your bets. You might get a good tip spontaneously when you’re out and about. Then don’t miss this opportunity. Basically, you have nothing else to consider at 10Bet. On the mobile way you could also activate a bonus or make a deposit. For faster access, we recommend that you save the 10Bet website to your home screen after opening it from your browser. An icon will appear and after clicking on it you will be directly on the 10Bet page. After our 10Bet experience you don’t have to open the browser first.

Where do I find the 10Bet app?

You don’t have to search for a 10Bet app. Neither a download nor an installation is necessary. The term App is still correct. What 10Bet works with is called Web App. You go to the web, that’s another word for the internet. You use the browser of your smartphone or tablet. 10Bet’s website opens and looks a bit different than what you are used to from visiting it with a desktop computer or laptop. This tells you that 10Bet has a mobile website. And for them, the term Web App is just as appropriate. Both mean the same thing. That’s not important for your betting tips. The main thing is that you can hand them in.

The difference between App, Web App and Mobile Website

10Bet mobile can mean a lot. First of all there is the term 10Bet App. An app is actually a small program that has to be installed. With 10Bet this is as indicated not the case, here it is correctly called Web App or mobile website. You open it via the browser and save it to your hard drive. That is at least our recommendation. As a result you will find the 10Bet symbol on your home screen, for example. Click on it and you are directly on the website. Of course you have to be connected to the internet. This is a basic requirement. The operating system of your mobile device does not matter. That would be different with a real app. You would have to pay attention whether you have an iPhone or an Android smartphone or tablet computer. The Windows Phone would also be conceivable. They are different operating systems and you can’t just install every app.

The difference between the different operating systems

Mobil Wetten bei 10bet
Welche Betriebssysteme ermöglicht der Buchmacher?

The term 10Bet mobile refers to different operating systems. If there was a real 10Bet app, you would have to distinguish between iOS, Android and Windows Phone. iOS is used on the iPad and iPhone. In other words, they’re Apple devices. You can find Android on Samsung devices, for example. But other manufacturers also use this particular operating system. You’ll recognize it by a logo reminiscent of a small robot. The Windows Phone runs on Windows. It’s not quite as widespread, but there are special apps for this system as well. However, rarely from providers of sports betting and online casinos. If there is only one app for all systems, like 10Bet, it is a web app that doesn’t have to be installed.

keyword 10Bet App for Android

To the term 10Bet mobile belongs the keyword 10Bet App Android. It means a 10Bet app for the operating system Android, which you can recognize by the symbol of a small robot. It is not surprising that 10Bet does not have a special app for this system. In official stores like Google Playstore you won’t find any apps for sports betting and online casinos. The reason is that they play with real money and the official rules prohibit that. So for example 10Bet would have to offer a download of a data package from its own website. The users would have to allow unknown sources on their devices and install this data package independently. Some weather might overtax this or they would have no desire at all to access the offer of 10Bet mobilely. But if you simply open your browser to bet or manage your account, you’ll feel comfortable with 10Bet.

keyword 10Bet App iPhone

You won’t be surprised that iPhone and iPad play an important role in the 10Bet mobile offering. If there was a 10Bet app with the iOS operating system, you’d find it in the official store. It’s on both devices. Search for a blue logo. Enter 10Bet in the search field. No matching apps will be listed. You can access the 10Bet website via the Safari browser. 10Bet has decided to make one app available for all operating systems, i.e. one Web App. That’s no disadvantage to your iPhone or iPad. When you’re on the site, you save it. Click the icon, which looks like a box with an arrow. Choose the Home screen. 10Bet’s logo will appear there. After one click you are on the website. Remember: The keyword 10Bet App Store is insignificant.

10Bet and the Windows Phone

Is there a10Bet App Windows Phone? No. And that’s not surprising. On the one hand you don’t get a 10Bet app for Android or for the iPhone. The Windows Phone is not widespread. If there was a special app for 10Bet, it would be surprising. Use any browser instead. Enter the address of 10Bet there. As with all other operating systems, the mobile Website/Web App opens. It looks different than the normal 10Bet page. You can place your sports bets as usual, the odds are up to date. Make deposits and payouts after a win. With the Windows Phone this is no problem. You can activate and wager a bonus. Basically you don’t have any disadvantages. If you save the page, you will get faster access in the future.

10Bet mobile website: How to bet mobile at 10Bet

The advantage of a mobile website and a web app like 10Bet presents is that no 10Bet app download is necessary. With a mobile website or web app, you have access via the browser of your smartphone and tablet. You enter the address and the page opens. At 10Bet, you’ll notice visual differences. You can register as a new customer. If you’re already signed in, enter your details and log in. Now deposit, activate a bonus, bet or pay out. You have all possibilities. This is what distinguishes a good mobile offer. Above all no installation is necessary and also no download of a data package. For example, this is more pleasant than with a 10Bet app for Android.

You will like the mobile possibilities offered to you

What the 10Bet app – or rather Web app – offers you. You will find that the program is as comprehensive as you expect it to be. The odds are identical. In short, you don’t have any disadvantages when you visit 10Bet mobile. A deposit is possible as well as a payout without any problems. 10Bet Deposit Withdrawal offers the same options as a normal computer access. The limits are of course identical. And you can wager any 10Bet bonus as described above. Even a special 10Bet mobile bonus is possible. You must enter the appropriate code. That’s MOBILE. Your first bet will be refunded in case of loss up to 10 Euro. 10Bet notices whether you are accessing via a mobile device.

Don’t forget the 10Bet Casino

You can also visit the 10Bet Casino on the move. The mobile offer is not only intended for sports. You could also use the 10Bet app to earn money in other areas of the website. Differentiate between the normal Casino, the range plays and the live Casino. New customers will receive up to 1000 Euros through multiple deposits. There is the option of free spins and a refundable loss of up to 100 Euros each week. You will notice that the terms and conditions associated with a bonus at 10Bet Casino are more difficult to adhere to than with 10Bet sports betting. You play slots, try Roulette or Blackjack. It doesn’t matter how you access the offer. You open the casino for your visit via a mobile device and use the browser. So you see that there is no 10Bet app for Android or the iPhone for example.

The general advantages of 10Bet

10Bet is a bookmaker who presents a wide range of gambling offers. In almost every sports betting comparison and betting provider comparison, 10Bet scores well. Our sections Bettbonus Comparison, eSports Comparison and Casino Comparison are recommended in this context. We work with a license from Malta, the odds stand up to any comparison and as a German customer you don’t have to pay the betting tax. If you have good betting tips, 10Bet is ideal. And the 10Bet app gives you access to your betting account at all times. 10Bet could be the best sports betting provider after a odds comparison. Note this in your sports betting strategies. All this shows that 10Bet is recommendable. Visit this provider and make your own impression. You quickly realize: The 10BetApp is not the only advantage.

A conclusion to the topic 10Bet App

The mobile offer with the 10Bet App or Web App belongs to the positive 10Bet experiences. It is really not bad that there is no 10Bet app for Android and none for the iPhone. The 10Bet mobile website is more than just a replacement. It offers everything you expect from a web app. By the way, we like this betting provider a lot more. For example the 10BetSteuer. German customers don’t have to pay an additional 5%. Is there something that speaks against 10Bet? Actually not. Well, you can’t use PayPal for payments with 10Bet, but that can change at some point. One last tip: Before placing your mobile bets, check out our Sport News and Deals. Of course, this also applies to betting from a standard computer. Furthermore you can inform yourself about the 10Bet tax or the 10Bet cash-out.

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