Belgrade vs. FC Bayern bet tip & forecast ” 26.11.19

It should be obvious that this will not necessarily be easy on Tuesday (26 November 2019) at 9 p.m. in the Rajko Mitic stadium in Belgrade against Red Star Belgrade. The Serbs are known to be real fighters, and they even pull the crowd to their side in their own stadium. In terms of football, however, the yield of only three points is manageable. But: With a victory one might actually still hope for progress if Tottenham doesn’t win against Piraeus.

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Belgrade vs. Munich in fast forward

    • Pairing: Red Star Belgrade – FC Bayern Munich
    • Competition: Champions League 2019/20
    • Round: 5th round. Matchday | Group B
    • Tribute: Tuesday, November 26, 2019 at 21:00
    • LiPlace: Stadium Rajko Mitic, Belgrade
    • Belgrade: 3rd place, 3 points, 3:13 goals
    • Bavaria: 1st place, 3rd place, 3rd place, 3:13 goals

liBayern: 1st place, 3rd place, 3rd place, 3rd place, 3rd place, 3rd place, 3rd place, 3rd place, 3rd place, 3rd place, 3rd place, 3rd place, 3rd place, 3rd place, 3rd place, 3rd place, 3rd place, 3rd place, 3rd place, 3rd place, 3rd place, 2nd place, 2nd place, 2nd place, 2nd place. 1st place, 12 points, 15:4 goals

Champions League betting tip prediction: Numbers games

  • Dangerous: Belgrade could only score 3 hits
  • Abable: 13 goals against the Serbs – worst value
  • Dominant: Bavaria won all previous 4 games of the group
  • Hot: 15 goals for the Munich team – group best
  • time travel: 1991 the last victory for Belgrade in this duel

Champions League Forecast: form curve of the teams

In Belgrade there is still a lot of tension before the last match days in the group. In theory, Red Star could even make it into the next round as second in the group, if the coming results speak for the Serbs. At the same time the minimum goal should be to keep the third place for the Europa League. After a 4-0 draw at home against Tottenham, they were able to regain their self-confidence at home. Against Javor there was a rather weak 1:1, but afterwards a 1:0 against Macva and a 2:0 against Radnicki Nis.

Flick has the Bavarians under control

The developments around FC Bayern Munich have also been interesting to observe in recent weeks. In the analysis for the betting tips today for this game it seems as if new coach Hansi Flick has his team well under control. After the embarrassing 1:5 of Munich against Eintracht Frankfurt there were three wins in three games under Flick’s patronage. These were impressive, as the Bavarians, for example, did not concede a single goal. We can list in the Champions League betting tip prediction instead a 2-0 against Olympiakos Piraeus, a 4-0 against Borussia Dortmund and a 4-0 on the last matchday in the Bundesliga against Düsseldorf.

Evaluation: Bavaria dominates the group. And it doesn’t seem as if this would change under Hansi Flick.

Statistical and direct comparison

On the international scene, the encounter between Red Star Belgrade and FC Bayern Munich has already taken place six times. The two teams met three times in the Europa League and three times in the Champions League. The yield is quite evenly distributed. So we find two wins of the Serbs in the betting tips in the history, while Bavaria stands with three successes. The last victory of the Munich team was 3:0 in the first leg, the last victory of the Serbs was several years ago in 1991. For the sake of completeness, a match between the two teams ended in a draw in 1991.

Gates are always present

If the Bavarians meet in Belgrade, it can usually be assumed that there will always be some hits. In the first leg, only the Munich team was responsible for the entertainment, which was responsible for the over 2.5 at 3:0 alone. But that was an exception, because in the remaining three of the last four duels both teams always scored. In the last four clashes it rang according to our betting tips from professionals also a total of 15 goals. In the six duels Belgrade scored nine times, while the Bavarians scored 13 goals. 22 goals in six games, that’s very reasonable.

Evaluation: Fire and goals are always present here. Bad luck for Belgrade that Bavaria could make much more out of it.

Wet-Tipps today for Red Star Belgrade – FC Bayern Munich

The Munich players have caught themselves again and play a convincing ball under Hansi Flick. In Belgrade, despite the secure progress, they will step on the gas pedal and not lean back. For this reason, in the Champions League forecast in the field of safe betting tips, we are taking a bet on the away win 2. The best odds in the sports betting comparison for this with a 1.31 of the bookmakers Unibet supplies Unibet. In general, we also expect a clear victory for the Munich team. Our analysis is therefore expanded by a bet on the 2 handicap 1:0 and the best odds of 1.75 at Betway.

How good are the odds for Red Star Belgrade – FC Bayern Munich?

Red Star has especially in the offensive problems and is with only three goals enormously harmless on the way. Against Tottenham it gave in the last home game with 0:4 on the cover, also against the FCB could steer the game in this direction. If the Munichers remain true to their previous style under Flick, it could be a bitter evening for the Serbs. In the area risk betting tips we go in the Champions League forecast therefore on the 2 handicap 2:0 and take the best odds of 2.80 with Bet3000. This quota is also ideal to be able to clear the Bet3000 bonus.

Evaluation: Bavaria is again in a good mood and makes joy. We therefore take the away win 2 and the 1.31 with us.

Wet recommendations from the editorial office

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